Glossary of terms


A collection of processed (compiled, transformed) code, packed together into self-contained format by a Bundler (e.g: Webpack, Rollup, etc). It includes not only the processed source code, but all the necessary dependencies and usually static assets.

Main bundle

A special form of a Bundle, which is also self-executable (standalone). Meaning executing the Main bundle inside a JavaScript Virtual Machine will run your application.

Also known as Index bundle.


A lighter version of a Bundle, designed to be pulled in and used together with the Main bundle. A chunk is usually deferred and loaded on demand by the Main bundle or another chunk. Chunks can usually implicitly share and reuse dependencies from each other and the Main bundle.

Async chunk

A version of a Chunk, which is loaded in an asynchronous manner. In context of React Native, all Chunks are loaded asynchronously, so Chunk and Async chunk can be used interchangeably.

In plural form: Async chunks refer to a Code Splitting approach.

Local chunk

A Chunk stored locally on a filesystem (of a mobile device), contrary to a Remote chunk.

You can learn more about local chunks in the dedicated Local vs remote chunks guide.

Remote chunk

A Chunk stored remotely on the server, CDN or any other network location, contrary to a Local chunk.

You can learn more about remote chunks in the dedicated Local vs remote chunks guide.


Arbitrary file with executable code. Can be a Bundle created by a Bundler (e.g: Webpack, Rollup, etc) or manually by hand.


A special form of Bundle, which is created in Module Federation setup and is used by the Main bundle. Containers can also use other Containers and Chunks.