React Native 🤝 Webpack

A toolkit to build your React Native application with Webpack


Webpack-powered solution

Leverage full Webpack ecosystem of plugins and loaders. Use plethora of configuration options to adjust the bundling to your needs.


Code Splitting

Leverage Code Splitting and Module Federation to efficiently split your bundle into smaller chunks and share modules dynamically across builds, improving load times and resource management.


Built-in Flipper support

Use Flipper platform to inspect Application logs, Development server logs, React component tree with React DevTools, Layout, Network, Crashes and more.


Fully-featured development server

Build your application with ease. Take advantage of built-in support for Hot Module Replacement and React Refresh, symnbolication and Remote JavaScript debugging support.


Develop and bundle for any platform

Develop your application for any platform. Use built-in support for Android and iOS or bring support for your out-of-tree platform. Everything is configurable, nothing is hardcoded.


Configure it your way

Take full control over the Webpack configuration. Use our APIs - plugins and utilities - to make Webpack-produced bundle compatible with React Native.